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About us

We are Hooray Let’s Play! A story centered play session created to spark the imagination of your toddler or preschool aged child. All sessions are designed and led by two experienced teachers who have a passion for play and creativity.  

Each week, our 45 minute session will immerse your child in an engaging and exciting story. With a combination of whole group, guided activities and child-led play, we aim to help build solid foundations across the key developmental areas. 

Our play areas are  based around those found in Nursery and Reception classes and encourage your child to:

- Make new friends and socialise

- Develop pre-writing skills

- Spark an interest in number and pattern

- Explore language 

- Develop independence

- Foster a love of reading


Phew, all of that in 45 minutes! Plus the chance for the adult attending to meet other parents and take some of the ideas from the session back home to help inspire more purposeful play.

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What you can expect...


Each week, we will inspire your child to access a range of activities including singing, dancing, crafting, role playing, counting, moulding, painting, constructing and many more. Our aim is to provide opportunities for you to continue purposeful play at home.  

Fine Motor Control

Before children can begin to write or even form purposeful marks, they must have fine motor control and strength. To build this, play dough, lego/blocks and cutting skills are just a snippet of some engaging activities that promote these skills in a fun and playful way.

Communication and Language

Each session will focus on one story, poem or song. This not only develops your child's imagination and creativity but also extends their vocabulary.  The hands on and practical play based areas, will allow you to further explore the story with your child.  

Gross Motor Control

Confidence and coordination in gross motor skills is essential for children to develop their fine motor skills. Underdeveloped gross motor skills can affect well-being as they give children opportunities to socialise during play.  This is why we ensure each session has lots of movement play to motivate little minds.

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What Parents Think

My 2 year old was born during the first lock down and barely socialised with other children for his first year. I am so grateful to have a group to continue attending over the summer holidays, specifically one that encourages language development as I feel so many opportunities have been missed. 

Luca's Mum

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