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Our Story

With 25 years of combined teaching experience...


Who Are We?

We are two qualified teachers with 25 years of experience in the EYFS (Nursery and Reception) and Key Stage 1.  


Our friendship was quickly cemented by a shared passion for promoting play within our classrooms as well as with our own children at home. From this giddiness, Hooray Let's Play was born - the idea to promote and shout about play outside of a classroom setting.


Working as EYFS lead and teaching in Nursery, Reception and Year 1, we know first hand the benefits of allowing children to play and how essential this early years explorative and repetitive play is for physical and neural development.  During your child's earliest years, their brain makes 1 million neural connections every single second. 


Furthermore, we have both felt the impact of having under fives during the first year of Covid and believe  it is essential to provide our little ones with as many opportunities for social interactions as possible. What better way to encourage the development of new friendships, than through play!

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